Melanion Bitcoin Exposure Index – Quarterly Rebalancing 17/06/2022

As part of the quarterly rebalancing performed on the 17th of June 2022, these are the component level changes within the Melanion Bitcoin Exposure Index:

Overstock and BIGG Digital Assets have been replaced by CoinShares and TeraWulf.

CoinShares International Limited #1 (Blockchain Technology)

CoinShares was founded in 2017 and headquartered in Paris, FR. CoinShares Capital Markets matches human capital with purpose-built infrastructure and systems to help institutional counterparties meet their unique liquidity needs through a full suite of trading, risk management, and hedging services.

TeraWulf Inc #13 (Crypto Mining)

TeraWulf Inc. represents a new paradigm for crypto mining, providing domestically produced Bitcoin by using more than 90% zero carbon energy. They operate fully-integrated Bitcoin mining facilities in strategic locations across the US. Projects are monitored based on key ESG performance metrics and receive scorecards to quantify performance and highlight areas for improvement and innovation.

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