Melanion Capital Partners with Paymium for a new Bitcoin Investment Experience

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Melanion Capital, a pioneer in the Bitcoin investment arena and issuer of Europe’s first Bitcoin Equities ETF, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Paymium, the world’s pioneering Bitcoin exchange platform. This collaboration is set to elevate the Bitcoin investment experience for users across Europe.

Paymium, renowned as the first Bitcoin exchange still in operation, boasts over 230,000 customers and is a proud member of the Labchain consortium, orchestrated by Caisse des Dépôts. The Paris-based entity enjoys backing from notable investment funds Newfund and Kima Ventures. Since 2021, Paymium has earned recognition from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French Financial Authority) as a Digital Asset Service Provider, underscoring the quality and reliability of its services.

“Joining forces with Paymium, a respected leader in the Bitcoin exchange space, aligns perfectly with our vision at Melanion Capital. We are dedicated to enhancing our users’ Bitcoin investment experience while educating them about the nuances of cryptocurrency. This partnership is a testimony to our commitment to leading the way in Bitcoin understanding and investment” said Jad Comair, Founder and CEO of Melanion Capital.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Melanion Capital, a leading French pioneer in Bitcoin ETFs. This collaboration comes at a time when the topic is capturing global attention. Together, we aim to make Bitcoin more accessible, allowing Melanion’s customers interested in purchasing Bitcoin directly to do so through a reputable and regulated French marketplace.” said Pierre Noizat, Founder and CEO of Paymium.

After having provided a regulated investment wrapper to European investors through bitcoin equities ETF, after having emphasized education with the launch of the Melanion Bitcoin Academy App, this new accomplishment underscores Melanion Capital’s dedication to now offer direct investment experiences to its audience. By partnering with Paymium, Melanion takes a new important step to enable everyone to navigate the Bitcoin ecosystem!

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About Melanion Capital

Recognized as a “Jeune Enterprise Innovante” by the French Ministry of Research. Melanion Capital was launched in 2013 in Paris as an alternative investment manager.  The firm won awards for its Lyxor Melanion Fund and was named Emerging Manager of the year by Hedge Funds Review.  Following the launch of investment funds focused on dividend futures, volatility dispersion strategies and the development of seeding programs for new asset managers, Melanion established its Digital Asset Business in 2020. This development was marked in 2021 by a first success with the launch of the first Bitcoin Thematic ETF in the world with the UCITS label.

About Paymium

Launched in 2011, Paymium is the world’s longest standing Bitcoin exchange platform for both individual and professional customers. Since 2018, the company has expanded its services and now offers a multi-crypto marketplace, as well as tools dedicated to professionals, such as a management solution for asset managers and a payment solution for merchants.  Paymium, which has over 230,000 customers, is a founding member of the Labchain consortium, coordinated by Caisse des Dépôts. The Paris-based company is backed by investment funds Newfund and Kima Ventures.


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