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Melanion Participating in Patrimonia 2022




Patrimonia is the largest gathering in France of professionals in the world of wealth advice: CGP, CGPi, Family Office, Private Managers, Chartered Accountants, Notaries, Brokers, Lawyers… Each year, the Convention brings together more than 7,500 delegates from the Whole of France to meet partners, network, train, watch, and understand market trends…

As recent evidence of the institutional world’s growing appetite for the crypto world (BlackRock and Fidelity offering investments in Bitcoin to their clients, Société Générale which offers a crypto custody service, etc.) does not seem to be enough for insurers, we conducted an extensive referencing campaign during the Patrimonia event, allowing us at the same time to test the appetite of the market

The result was clear, nearly 200 management professionals representing 10 billion Euros of assets under management have expressed their wish to have our product referenced by all insurers.

What to take away from all this:

The demand for crypto-related products in life insurance is still very high.

Customers/professionals expect solutions.

Our product, regulated and subject to the strictest standards, responds to the problem.

We also conducted two professional sessions where we discussed our presentation: “How to get exposure to the crypto thematic through a life insurance”:

Cyril Sabbagh, Managing Director at Melanion Capital in his interview with Patrimonia TV: “Our ETF, the first Bitcoin thematic UCITS ETF, is our current news. It is presented today at salon Patrimonia where a second non-listed share of this ETF was launched. We chose Patrimonia because there is potentially a high demand to receive from wealth managers and, more broadly, for all Investment management professionals. Also, to join us, get to know us and our product better, and learn more about it; There is in fact a high demand for education and outreach regarding our product; and Patrimonia is the must-attend event to do so with all our clients”.

Jad Comair, CEO of Melanion Capital, in his interview with Patrimonia TV: “Melanion Capital is a company that specializes in managing portfolios of derivative products. We just launched an offer on digital assets, specifically cryptocurrency assets, through our UCITS ETF enabling investors to engage with this topic in a controlled, regulated environment. I’m at Patrimonia today because it’s the premier event for investing in general and investing in life insurance in particular since our product is perfectly suited to this investment envelope.

The plan was to visit this salon and introduce our products to this throng of knowledgeable investors”.

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