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We’ve been opening the gates to innovative investment possibilities across Europe since 2012. We’re now bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance — making investments in a Bitcoin Equities fund accessible to all.

Most Innovative Hedge Fund (2014)

Europe’s first issuer of Bitcoin Equities UCITS ETF

Our expertise: Alternative and Quantitative Strategies

We offer a broad range of investment solutions to help you reach your financial goals. We provide alternative and quantitative strategies for every profile of investors.


Diversify your portfolio. Add Bitcoin exposure via Equities.

Our investment solutions combine the framework of traditional finance with the innovation of digital assets and cryptos.  Add an exposure to the crypto equities universe with regulated solutions.


Think about your future and legacy

Invest for your future today and and prepare for your retirement with peace of mind. You can prepare for your retirement today by including indirect exposure to Bitcoin via equities in your investment vehicles, while keeping in mind that the investment vehicles present risks of capital loss. Our products are eligible for retirement savings plans and can be tax efficient.


Equity for all.

Democratize access to investing expertise and opportunities so that everyone can build a better future.

Think forward. Finance a more transparent Future.

Cryptos and digital assets are considered by many to be the future of finance. The Bitcoin transition and the digital and decentralized economy could contribute to a fairer, more transparent and empowered world.


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Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Check out our comprehensive guides and articles to jumpstart your journey into the world of investing and digital assets.

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