Education as a Catalyst for Change: Melanion Foundation and the École Polytechnique Foundation’s Initiative for Lebanese Students


On the 18th of October, Melanion Foundation and the École Polytechnique foundation, organized a fundraising dinner with the primary aim of assisting Lebanese students during these challenging times. This initiative highlights the pressing need to address educational challenges in a region like the Middle East, which is facing many challenges that threaten its stability. The emerging complexities highlight the potential for a broader crisis with both regional and global implications.

At the forefront of these challenges is the pervasive issue of ignorance. In such a context, innovative strategies become paramount. By providing financial assistance to Lebanese students who aspire to top-tier education in France, the collaboration emphasizes the transformative role of education. With the opportunity to receive a high-standard education, these students are better equipped to contribute constructively to their communities and engage in global dialogues.

The impact of such educational endeavors is exemplified by the experiences of the alumni of the École Polytechnique. This esteemed institution is not only revered for its academic excellence but also for fostering critical thinking and promoting a global perspective. Within this framework, science is viewed as a conduit for international collaboration and understanding.

The accounts shared by Lebanese students at the fundraising dinner serve as testament to the potential benefits of these educational initiatives. These students, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences, symbolize the bridge between cultures and the promise of education as a transformative force.

The joint efforts of the Melanion Foundation and Fondation École Polytechnique emphasize the significance of collective action in addressing the pressing challenges of today.

In conclusion, the undertakings of individual organizations and collaborations can indeed lead to impactful outcomes. Such initiatives, even if seemingly small, can ripple out to create lasting change.


Opening Speech

 Laura Chaubard (X 1999), Acting President and General Director of École polytechnique 


Jad Comair (X 1994), President of the Melanion Foundation 


Rodolphe Saadé, President and CEO of the CMA CGM Group 

Musical Interlude 


Léa Salamé & Franck Dubos 


Frédéric Oudéa (X 1981), President of the École polytechnique Foundation

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