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Melanion Capital at “Fintech 3.0” during the “French Fintech Week 2023”




During the “French Fintech Week 2023”, Melanion Capital participated in “Fintech 3.0”, an event orchestrated by ADAN. The pivotal importance of Web 3 for the future of the financial sector was the main theme of the discussions.

This nationally significant event provided an opportunity to bring together financial visionaries and ambassadors, offering an in-depth and rich insight into the advancements and innovations of Web 3. From decentralized finance to tokenization, and through to new payment methods, the range of topics discussed presented a comprehensive perspective on cryptocurrency investments.

Cyril Sabbagh, Managing Director of Melanion Capital, was invited to discuss investing in crypto-assets. He shared the stage with other iconic figures in the field, such as Reda Berrehili from Ki Foundation, Thomas Romain from Bitpanda GmbH, Steve Rosenblum from Libertify, and Alexandre Roubaud from Bitstack.

The buzz surrounding this event and the quality of the speakers underline the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in France and position Melanion Capital as an essential player in this revolution.

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