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“Learn to Earn”: Learn and be rewarded in Bitcoin, Melanion unveils its new application: the Melanion Bitcoin Academy.




New educational platform taps into the full potential of the lightning network by incentivizing users to deepen their cryptocurrency knowledge.

Today, Melanion Capital, a stalwart in the Bitcoin investment space and the issuer of the first Bitcoin Equities ETF in Europe, announced the launch of the Melanion Bitcoin Academy App through its subsidiary, Melanion srl. This innovative app educates users about Bitcoin and rewards them with satoshis (sats: fractions of Bitcoin) via the lightning network for every chapter they complete.

The Lightning Network is a layer 2 scaling solution for Bitcoin, enabling fast and low-cost transactions by creating off-chain payment channels. It facilitates minor transactions to be carried out off the main Bitcoin blockchain, offering rapid processing times.

Deeply involved in the Bitcoin space, Melanion has always strived to empower individuals through comprehensive knowledge and insight into cryptocurrency. Recognizing the pivotal role education plays in wider adoption and understanding of Bitcoin, the Melanion Bitcoin Academy App reflects the firm’s commitment to fostering informed participation in the crypto economy. The Melanion Bitcoin Academy App provides comprehensive chapters on various aspects of Bitcoin, from its inception to current trends. As users progress, they earn sats, creating both an educational and financial incentive to continue their learning journey.

“We are rolling out this unique business model to motivate individuals to learn about Bitcoin. More importantly, we aim to showcase the astounding efficiency of the Bitcoin Lightning network in terms of speed and cost when sending payments,”

Cyril Sabbagh, Managing Director at Melanion Capital

Upon completing all chapters, users receive the Melanion Bitcoin Academy certification and are welcomed into the Melanion Ambassadors Club, where they have the opportunity to earn additional rewards for promoting Bitcoin technology awareness.

The Melanion Bitcoin Academy App is now available for download on both iOS and Android for Europeans only. It’s an essential tool for anyone eager to deepen their knowledge about Bitcoin or Bitcoin Equities while earning rewards along the way.


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About Melanion Capital

Recognized as a “Jeune Enterprise Innovante” by the French Ministry of Research. Melanion Capital was launched in 2013 in Paris as an alternative investment manager.  The firm won awards for its Lyxor Melanion Fund and was named Emerging Manager of the year by Hedge Funds Review.  Following the launch of investment funds focused on dividend futures, volatility dispersion strategies and the development of seeding programs for new asset managers, Melanion Capital specialized in developing innovative financial products and in 2021 has pioneered in the crypto space by launching the first Bitcoin Equities ETF in Europe. The ETF aims to offer investors exposure to Bitcoin’s value through a diversified portfolio of stocks correlated with the cryptocurrency’s price dynamics, bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto investments.

Bitcoin Academy app

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