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Investing in a Bitcoin ETF in France, it’s Already Possible




In 2021, Melanion Capital launched the first Bitcoin equities ETF, using an investment methodology focused on companies exposed to cryptoactives.

The MELANION BITCOIN EQUITIES UCITS ETF is not directly linked to Bitcoin, but rather to companies exposed to cryptoactives. “We tried to find the optimal basket of stocks to try to have the highest sensitivity to Bitcoin: our methodology is to invest in the thirty companies with the highest statistical sensitivity to Bitcoin,” details the Managing Director at Melanion Capital.

The UCITS ETF has also attracted interest as an investment option for life insurance and retirement savings plans. For PEAs, ETF assets must be predominantly European, which is not the case with this fund.

Cyril Sabbagh readily admits that “the fund underperformed, which can be explained by the difficulties encountered by the mining companies heavily represented in the ETF”.

However, this year has been very promising for Melanion Capital, which has returned to positive results with the rise of Bitcoin, even outperforming Bitcoin by 10% since the beginning of the year with a 94% rise versus 84% for bitcoin.

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