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Cyril Sabbagh: “Does the Taxation of Cryptocurrencies Make Sense?”




With the advent of cryptocurrencies, the financial world has witnessed a true revolution. Once considered a curiosity reserved for insiders, cryptocurrencies have now taken a prominent place on the global financial stage.

In France, their popularity continues to grow, attracting more and more investors and individuals seeking new investment opportunities. However, as their influence expands, questions arise about their regulation and taxation.

Are cryptocurrencies subject to the same tax rules as other financial assets? What are the challenges of cryptocurrency taxation in France? And does cryptocurrency taxation make sense?

In this article, Cyril Sabbagh, managing director at Melanion Capital, renowned creator of the groundbreaking world’s first Bitcoin UCITS ETF, and president of Melanion Digital delves into the realm of cryptocurrency taxation in France and explores the profound implications it holds for both seasoned investors and avid cryptocurrency users.

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