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BFM Crypto, le Club: What is a crypto ETF ? – 06/07




During this interview, Cyril Sabbagh, designer of our Bitcoin Equities ETF, discussed the following questions:

1-    What is a crypto ETF?

2-    How was the performance of your ETF during the past months?

3-    What are the holdings within your ETF that present a particular attractive potential?

4-    Is there a competitive advantage of the ETF in terms of platform fees or is it the other way around?

He discussed how the only possible way to invest in the Bitcoin thematic is through a classic traditional investment wrapper. Cryptocurrencies cannot be directly invested in these wrappers therefore our Bitcoin ETF doesn’t contain any Crypto or Bitcoin, but it invests in crypto ecosystem equities selected and weighted based on their historical sensibility to Bitcoin.

Cyril also discussed how our Bitcoin thematic ETF outperformed Bitcoin on an average of 5 to 10% since the last interview.

He shed the light on both Stronghold and Bakkt as important holdings in our Bitcoin ETF: The first as an American crypto mining company focusing on minimizing carbon emissions and shifting to alternative energy creating a competitive advantage in Bitcoin mining. And the second as an American company offering crypto services on both traditional and institutional levels.

Regarding the platform fees, Cyril mentioned the low management fees (0.75%/year) compared to other crypto platforms giving our crypto ETF a competitive advantage.

Attention: Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

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