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BFM Crypto, Le Club: the Approval of New Bitcoin ETFs – What’s Next?





In an electrifying episode of BFM Business’s “BFM Crypto, Le club,” hosted by the charismatic Amaury De Tonquédec, Cyril Sabbagh, our Managing Director, joined with Valentin Demé, CEO of Cube3 to discuss the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency. From the urgent need for an investigation into the SEC account hack to the nuanced debates on stablecoin USDT’s role in money laundering, the episode was a masterclass in the complexities of the crypto world.

Cyril Sabbagh – A Beacon of Financial Wisdom

In the heart of lively debates, Cyril Sabbagh, Melanion Capital‘s innovative Managing Director, offered a unique blend of traditional and digital financial insights. His expertise was particularly evident in his discussion on European Bitcoin ETFs. Sabagh’s views on their role in broadening market acceptance and institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies were notably enlightening and influential.

The Ripple Effect of the Bitcoin ETF Approval

The spotlight of the discussion was the SEC’s nod to the Bitcoin Spot ETF. This segment particularly resonated as it drew intriguing parallels with the inception of the first Gold ETF in the U.S., delving into how this groundbreaking move might similarly ripple through the markets. The focus was not just on the immediate market reactions but also on the broader, lasting implications for investor behavior and the financial landscape at large. This analysis provided a nuanced perspective on the potential transformative impact of such a significant financial instrument within the cryptocurrency realm.

The Dark Side of Digital Currency

The discussion shifted to a critical examination of stablecoin USDT’s involvement in illicit financial activities, highlighting the pressing ethical dilemmas and responsibilities inherent in the world of digital currencies. This segment underscored the importance of addressing these challenges to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies in the global financial landscape.

When Technology Meets Finance

The atmosphere brightened as Valentin Demé shared lively anecdotes from the CES, illuminating the convergence of Web3 with the realms of technology and finance. His experiences showcased the burgeoning relationship between these sectors, highlighting how digital advancements are reshaping the financial landscape. This fusion of tech and finance, as narrated by Demé, not only captivated the audience but also underscored the potential of Web3 to revolutionize our understanding of economic interactions in the digital age.


The episode concluded on an optimistic note, envisioning a financial landscape on the brink of a digital revolution. It emphasized that the future of finance is not a distant dream but a present reality. With the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrency, traditional financial paradigms are being reshaped, unveiling a horizon rich with novel possibilities. This transformation is not just a shift; it’s a significant leap into a new era of financial engagement and opportunity.

To dive deeper into the discussion between specialists in digital finance, watch the full interview here!

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