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Cyril Sabbagh discussing Bitcoin ETFs

In a recent discussion on BFM TV, Cyril Sabbagh, Managing Director of Melanion Capital, delved into the dynamic landscape of Bitcoin ETFs alongside Lilian Aliaga from Cryptoast and Amaury de Tonquedec from BFM Crypto. This engaging conversation highlighted the significant developments in the Bitcoin ETF market, institutional involvement, regulatory shifts, and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency industry.

The Resurgence of Bitcoin ETFs

Cyril Sabbagh began by addressing the recent trends in Bitcoin ETFs, particularly in the United States. Despite a brief period of net outflows in April, the market saw a resurgence in May, with net inflows reaching approximately $2 billion, or $100 million per day. A notable development was BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF surpassing Grayscale’s ETF in terms of market share, marking a significant milestone in the competition between traditional financial players and pure crypto entities. This shift underscores the growing institutional interest and confidence in Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class.

Institutional Investors and Bitcoin ETFs

Another critical point discussed was the disclosure of investors in Bitcoin ETFs. Remarkably, more than half of the top 25 hedge funds globally have invested in these ETFs, highlighting the increasing institutional adoption of Bitcoin. This trend is not only a testament to Bitcoin’s growing acceptance but also signifies a broader shift in how traditional finance views cryptocurrency investments. Furthermore, BlackRock’s decision to include Bitcoin ETFs in its fixed-income funds, such as the Strategic Income Opportunities Fund and the Strategic Global Bond Fund, exemplifies the integration of Bitcoin into diversified portfolios, reinforcing its status as a mainstream asset.

Regulatory Developments and Implications

Sabbagh also touched upon the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrency ETFs, particularly the classification debate. The approval of Ethereum spot ETFs, albeit not yet listed, represents more than a mere regulatory green light. It indicates a significant step toward recognizing cryptocurrencies as commodities rather than securities. This classification could have profound implications, especially given the SEC’s previous warnings to exchanges about selling securities without proper compliance. The FIT 21 Act, recently passed in the U.S. Congress, further delineates the regulatory boundaries by distinguishing between restricted digital assets under SEC jurisdiction and digital commodities under the CFTC. This pragmatic approach by the U.S. contrasts sharply with the slower regulatory processes in Europe, exemplified by the comprehensive yet gradual implementation of the MiCA framework.

Bitcoin Mining and Diversification

In the latter part of the discussion, Sabbagh highlighted specific companies within Melanion Capital’s ETF, such as Riot Platforms and The Block (formerly Square). Riot, a prominent North American Bitcoin mining company, has substantial holdings in Bitcoin and continues to expand despite market fluctuations. Their recent attempt to acquire a smaller competitor, Bitfarms, although unsuccessful, illustrates their strategic growth ambitions. Similarly, The Block, under the leadership of Jack Dorsey, has ventured into the cryptocurrency space through its Cash App and blockchain-based payment solutions. Their strategy of accumulating Bitcoin through treasury investments further aligns with their long-term vision for cryptocurrency adoption.


The conversation on BFM TV provided valuable insights into the evolving Bitcoin ETF market, highlighting the interplay between institutional adoption, regulatory advancements, and strategic corporate actions. As traditional finance increasingly integrates with the crypto world, the developments discussed by Cyril Sabbagh and his counterparts underscore the transformative potential of Bitcoin and other digital assets. For investors and industry stakeholders, these insights offer a glimpse into the future of cryptocurrency investments, shaped by regulatory clarity and institutional engagement.

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