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Beyond Cryptos: How Stocks Can Diversify Your Exposure to the Blockchain Ecosystem




While direct investment in cryptocurrencies has captivated attention, a compelling alternative emerges—investing in companies actively shaping the Web3 ecosystem. Brace yourself for a meticulous analysis that unravels the tangible advantages of such investments, equipping you with practical strategies to seize these lucrative opportunities.

Seeking an in-depth examination of the extensive range of sectors encompassed by the crypto ecosystem and the notable presence of North American companies within this thriving industry? How can one invest in stocks of Web3 ecosystem companies? What are the advantages of each method? What is the future of this type of investment?

Unravel the answers to your questions in this article written by Cyril Sabbagh, creator of the first ever Bitcoin Equities UCITS ETF and managing director at Melanion Capital.

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