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The Bitcoin Transition Report




In this interview, Jad Comair, CEO of Melanion Capital, discussed the importance of the Bitcoin transition on many levels. This Bitcoin transition shows a big impact on institutions and individuals as it creates a decentralized system for currency transfers. The transition from Gold to Bitcoin offers great solutions for all environmental issues and decreases pollution and disasters resulting from unregulated gold mining as Bitcoin can be a great alternative store of value.

In the Bitcoin transition report, we look at where the world is heading if people, companies, and institutions continue to adopt Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Transition addresses the questions raised by comparing the old world with the new, a world without Bitcoin, and one with widespread Bitcoin adoption. It shows how Bitcoin can solve many of the inefficiencies and inequalities in our current world and make it better. The report is a quest to debunk the misunderstandings and critics of Bitcoin from a technological, social, and environmental perspective. The conclusions might shock the sceptics, irritate the altcoiners, or even surprise the Bitcoiners. Nonetheless, it is our conviction that it is only with reason and facts that we can build a better future.

The Melanion way in the Bitcoin Transition:

Melanion has launched the world’s first Bitcoin Equities UCITS ETF to bridge the gap between traditional and digital finance. This ETF tracks an index designed to provide investors with an exposure on the crypto and Bitcoin ecosystem in a regulated framework.

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