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Bitcoin Equities Talks Ep.20: Marty Bent on Investment Strategies and Infrastructure Development




In an insightful conversation on Bitcoin Equities Talks, Marty Bent, a managing partner at Ten31, delves into the intricacies of investing in Bitcoin’s infrastructure and the strategic moves shaping the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sectors. This episode goes beyond the surface to explore how innovative companies are constructing the framework for a Bitcoin-centric financial future and what this means for investors and the broader economy.

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Revolutionizing the Investment Landscape with Bitcoin

Marty Bent brings his decade-long experience in Bitcoin to the table, offering a deep dive into how Bitcoin ventures are altering the investment landscape. With a focus on supporting companies that lay down the rails for Bitcoin adoption, Bent’s insights reveal a calculated approach to capitalizing on the digital currency’s foundational strength. He sheds light on the critical importance of investing in Bitcoin infrastructure, highlighting how ventures in custody, exchanges, and mining are pivotal to propelling Bitcoin into mainstream finance.


Investing in Bitcoin Infrastructure

The focus of Ten31 is on companies building the infrastructure for a Bitcoin-centric world. From exchanges and financial services to mining and consumer apps, these are the companies poised to lead us into a Bitcoin standard. Bent emphasizes investing in robust Bitcoin companies, given the market’s dislocation from overinvesting in ephemeral crypto projects, missing foundational value.

The Importance of Education and Mining


Bent’s journey to Bitcoin started with curiosity and a quest for financial insight, dedicating his career to cryptocurrency. His work spans investment, public education on Bitcoin’s benefits, engagement in mining, and highlighting its unique link with energy production.

Challenges and Opportunities for Bitcoin Companies

While the enthusiasm for Bitcoin is undeniable, challenges remain, especially regarding public understanding and acceptance of digital currencies. However, Bent remains optimistic, citing the significant potential for Bitcoin to transform how we think about and use money. This transformation involves direct digital currency investment and shifts in financial infrastructure, like multisig contracts for global trade and escrow.

The Future of Bitcoin Investments

Looking ahead, Bent sees a bright future for Bitcoin and Bitcoin-focused companies. He foresees larger investments from venture capital and sovereign funds, attracted by Bitcoin’s resilience and increasing acceptance. Bent expects more nations to adopt Bitcoin like El Salvador, recognizing its potential to boost their financial sovereignty.


The discussion with Marty Bent offers a glimpse into the exciting future of Bitcoin and its ecosystem. As the digital currency matures, it will expand opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and everyday users. Success in the evolving market hinges on education, innovation, and firm belief in Bitcoin’s potential to transform global finance.

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