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Bitcoin Equities Talks Ep6: Embracing the Digital Revolution-A Deep Dive with Frederic Chesnais, CEO of Crypto Blockchain Industries




The world of gaming and digital ownership is undergoing rapid transformation. A recent discussion sheds light on the importance of interoperability in educational institutions and the benefits of open systems for rapid audience expansion. One of the central figures in this transition is Frederic Chesnais, CEO of Crypto Blockchain Industries.

The Vision behind “Alphaverse”

Chesnais’s “Alphaverse” is designed as a hub that transitions users into specific universes, offering a tailored gaming experience. The advantage is manifold: from offering flexibility in gaming styles to providing a consistent platform for third-party universes. This model echoes the convenience of satellite TV channels, where switching between different channels is seamless, enhancing user immersion.

A revolutionary aspect of “Alphaverse” is its vision to offer a unified experience. Unlike streaming giants like Netflix or Amazon, where users juggle between apps, it aims to provide a consolidated interface. Players can effortlessly navigate between universes, transferring rewards, credits, and tokens.

Metaverse: The Next Frontier

The metaverse offers a unique enhancement over traditional virtual platforms that introduces a blockchain layer, allowing users to resell digital assets and utilize these assets across various games. This concept of digital ownership is a transformative step, especially in the world of interactive entertainment.

Today, owning a digital asset is an undeniable indicator of genuine ownership. CBI has solidified this, ensuring digital ownership is as tangible, if not more, than physical possession. This shift has implications beyond just gaming, evident in luxury goods, digital tickets, and photographs.

Challenges and Opportunities

However, integrating blockchain in traditional gaming systems isn’t without hurdles. Traditional platforms might resist interoperability due to potential losses and monetization challenges. This dynamic can be likened to Tesla’s disruption in the automobile industry. As the gaming industry evolves, we witness the emergence of new business models, such as “play to work“, turning traditional systems on their head.

The company’s decision to go public immediately was driven by transparency, efficiency, and facilitating partnerships. Being publicly listed offers multiple benefits, from ease of raising capital to providing liquidity for token holders. Valuing such pioneering companies can be challenging, but it’s essential to consider diverse parameters like cash flow, asset values, user numbers, and profitability.

Blockchain’s Longevity

One of the significant takeaways from the discussion is the unwavering belief in blockchain technology‘s long-term potential. Drawing parallels with the internet’s nascent stages, it’s crucial to recognize the foundational shift blockchain promises, despite short-term market volatilities. Chesnais’s personal experience with Amazon stocks serves as a poignant reminder of this belief.

In conclusion, the digital revolution is here to stay, with pioneers like Frederic Chesnais leading the charge. As we navigate this transformative phase, the emphasis remains on the enduring potential of the underlying technology and the promising future it holds.

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