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Bitcoin Equities Talks Ep16: The Resilient Journey to Bitcoin – A Tale of Empowerment and Understanding




In Episode 16 of Bitcoin Equities Talks, hosted by Jad Comair, CEO of Melanion Capital, we dive into the compelling story of Natalie Brunell, the esteemed host of the podcast “Coin Stories” Brunell’s journey, marked by her family’s pursuit of the American dream and the harsh realities of the 2008 financial crisis, paints a vivid picture of resilience and awakening. Her family, originally from Poland, faced the stark disparity between Wall Street’s bailouts and their personal struggle, leading to the loss of their home and bankruptcy. This pivotal experience became Brunell’s gateway to understanding the deep flaws in the financial system and ultimately led her to the world of Bitcoin.

A Reporter’s Revelation: Unveiling Bitcoin’s Potential

As a journalist during the 2016-2017 period, Brunell’s initial confusion about the lack of opportunity in a land of supposed freedom evolved into a profound realization upon discovering Bitcoin. Despite initially not fully grasping its concept, her curiosity spurred her to invest in Bitcoin and delve deeper into its intricacies. Her research, fortified by “The Bitcoin Standard,” unraveled the history of money and fractional reserve banking, highlighting Bitcoin’s potential to address societal issues. This newfound passion inspired Brunell to start her podcast, aiming to demystify Bitcoin’s complexities for a wider audience.

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Connecting the Dots: Bitcoin, Education, and Societal Impact

Brunell resonates with the financial turmoil experienced by countries like Lebanon, paralleling her family’s crisis. Her approach to simplifying complex financial concepts has made Bitcoin relatable, especially to younger generations in the U.S. Her mission is clear: to educate people on the workings of money and the transformative potential of Bitcoin, even for those who haven’t faced financial traumas

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The Shocking Reality of Financial Education

Brunell’s journey led to a startling realization about the lack of education on money’s history, inflation, and its national impact. This gap in knowledge propelled her to relearn and share these crucial insights with her audience. She highlights the current monetary system’s flaws, controlled by a few and plagued by endless debt and inflation, sparking disillusionment with the traditional American dream.

Bitcoin: Beyond Politics, A Solution for Systemic Financial Issues

Brunell emphasizes that systemic financial issues are often misattributed to politics when the root problem lies within the financial system itself. She sees hope in technology, particularly Bitcoin, as a means to rebuild a fairer, more accessible financial system. Her message, ‘fix the money,’ resonates across socio-economic contexts, underlining Bitcoin’s universal relevance.

Challenging Bitcoin’s Media Representation

With a media background, Natalie discusses Bitcoin’s misrepresented image in the media, focusing on its speculative nature and criminal associations. This negative portrayal, driven by clickbait journalism, overshadows positive developments like the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs. Brunell laments the decline of traditional journalistic values and the increasing politicization and economic pressures in the media industry.

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The Reluctance of Broker-Dealers and the Need for Adaptation

Brunell touches on the hesitance of some broker-dealers to embrace Bitcoin ETFs, citing their lack of understanding as a barrier to client access. She underscores the importance of adapting to new technologies, drawing parallels with historical examples like Kodak and Sears.

Bitcoin’s Stability and Democratic Nature

Despite the volatility and negative headlines, Brunell maintains her strong belief in Bitcoin as a stable, long-term investment. She views Bitcoin as the most democratic and secure form of money, unique in its ability to create digital scarcity.

Bitcoin: A 24/7 Operation Parallel to the News Industry

Drawing parallels between her experience in the news industry and the Bitcoin market, Brunell highlights Bitcoin’s non-stop nature, emphasizing its constant evolution and the importance of continuous learning and passion in this field.

The Importance of Bitcoin Education

Motivated by her initial skepticism, Brunell emphasizes the need for Bitcoin education. Her podcast, started with basic equipment and a self-taught approach, has grown into a platform for simplifying and spreading Bitcoin’s message.

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Advocating for Diversity in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Brunell addresses the male dominance in the Bitcoin space and advocates for increasing women’s visibility and involvement. She believes that more women in the field can inspire broader participation and diversity.

Empowering Women in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Brunell has initiated “Women of Bitcoin” events to build community and increase women’s representation in the field. She emphasizes Bitcoin’s suitability for women, particularly in family finances, and is dedicated to presenting information that resonates with women, fostering community and connections.

A Hub for Bitcoin Advocacy and Education

Brunell’s website,, serves as a comprehensive resource for Bitcoin-related content, aiming to make Bitcoin more accessible to a general audience. Her diverse audience reflects the growing interest in Bitcoin across different demographics.

Brunell differentiates Bitcoin from other cryptocurrencies, highlighting its unique properties like decentralization and monetary stability. Her focus on Bitcoin over other tokens is rooted in an informed perspective on its potential as a global reserve currency. She underscores the transformative power of education, the importance of questioning traditional financial systems, and the potential of Bitcoin to usher in a new era of economic empowerment and stability.

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