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Bitcoin Equities Talks Ep.29: Revolutionizing Bitcoin Custody – The Onramp Bitcoin Approach





Onramp Bitcoin, a pioneering platform in the world of Bitcoin asset management, has introduced a groundbreaking approach to Bitcoin custody. Headed by Cam Stromme, the company aims to provide a secure and decentralized solution for long-term Bitcoin storage, challenging the traditional custodial models. In this new Bitcoin Equities Talks episode, we discuss all the intricacies of their innovative custody model, the importance of multi-institutional trust, and the potential impact on the future of Bitcoin storage.

Decentralized Custody: A New Paradigm

Starting the conversation, Stromme and Comair delved into the concept of decentralizing custody, moving away from the traditional reliance on a single institution. Onramp Bitcoin’s model spreads trust across three separate entities – Onramp, BitGo, and CoinCover – ensuring that even if one fails, the client’s Bitcoin remains secure. This innovative approach addresses the central point of failure that Satoshi Nakamoto warned against.

Self-Custody vs. Multi-Institution Custody

The discussion highlights the challenges faced by individuals practicing self-custody, such as technical difficulties, user error, and the risk of theft. Multi-institution custody emerges as a superior solution, offering a balance between security and accessibility. Onramp Bitcoin’s model ensures that clients can travel without worry, knowing their Bitcoin is safe and accessible when needed.

Inheritance and Security: A Critical Consideration

Inheritance planning for Bitcoin holders is a critical yet often overlooked aspect. Onramp Bitcoin’s approach ensures that Bitcoin can be securely passed down to heirs, addressing the significant concern of what happens to one’s Bitcoin after death. In addition, the platform’s multi-institution custody model provides a robust solution to this complex issue.

Operational Mechanism: A Secure Withdrawal Process

Furthermore, the discussion outlines the meticulous process clients undergo to access and withdraw their Bitcoin. Specifically, this includes a 48 to 72-hour authentication process, which involves live video calls and multiple checks to ensure the client’s safety and the legitimacy of the withdrawal request. Ultimately, this process underscores Onramp Bitcoin’s commitment to security and client protection.

Conclusion: A New Standard in Bitcoin Custody

The creation of such an innovative approach to Bitcoin custody undoubtedly represents a significant step forward in the crypto world. By effectively addressing the limitations of self-custody and the risks associated with centralized custodial services, Onramp Bitcoin offers a secure, decentralized solution that prioritizes the safety and accessibility of clients’ Bitcoin assets. Furthermore, as the platform continues to evolve, it sets a new standard for Bitcoin custody, thereby promising to shape the future of Bitcoin asset management.

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