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Bitcoin Equities Talks Ep.27: The Impact of Bitcoin and Monetary Policy on Society and the Environment with Seb Bunney





The discussion surrounding Bitcoin and monetary policy has seen far-reaching implications for society and the environment. From the impact of monetary intervention on capital allocation to the potential benefits of a fixed supply currency like Bitcoin, the intersection of finance, psychology, and social rights is a complex and fascinating topic.

For this reason, Seb Bunney, CIO of Block Rewards and co-founder of Looking Glass Education, delves in depth into how the monetary and Bitcoin sectors coincide with societal and environmental elements.

Monetary Intervention and Capital Allocation

In this Bitcoin Equities Talks episode, Bunney highlights the detrimental effects of monetary intervention, such as artificially low interest rates, on capital allocation. He reveals that 40% of small cap companies in the US are zombie companies, unable to earn enough capital to service their debt payments. This flood of unproductive capital into the market has significant implications for economic growth and development.

The Psychological Effects of Money and Bitcoin Adoption

Exploring the psychological impact of money, the interview draws parallels between money and language, emphasizing how money is a form of expression that reflects individual values. It also delves into the religious-like belief and mission associated with Bitcoin adoption, suggesting a shift in perception from numbers to a vision for societal change.

The Environmental Impact of a Fixed Supply Currency

Additionally, the discussion touches on the potential environmental benefits of a fixed supply currency like Bitcoin. It suggests that a shift towards a fixed supply currency could lead to less consumerism and a focus on quality, sustainable products, ultimately benefiting the environment.

The Social Impact of a Decentralized Digital Currency

Furthermore, the social impact of a decentralized digital currency like Bitcoin is explored, proposing that it could lead to a reduction in government-funded wars and a more peaceful global environment. It also discusses the potential for individuals to express themselves monetarily and the implications for social rights and freedoms.


To conclude, the intersection of Bitcoin, monetary policy, and societal and environmental impact is a multifaceted and thought-provoking area of study. From the psychological effects of money to the potential for a more peaceful global environment, the implications of Bitcoin and monetary policy are far-reaching and worthy of further exploration.

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