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BFM Crypto, the Club – 06/06




In this interview, Vincent Ganne, independent technical analyst, Lilian Aliaga, journalist at Cryptoast, and Cyril Sabbagh, managing director at Melanion Capital, discussed the news surrounding cryptocurrencies, particularly the rise observed in Bitcoin, on BFM Crypto, the Club, in the program BFM Bourse presented by Guillaume Sommerer.

What are the implications of the recent legal actions against Binance and Coinbase in the United States?

How will the SEC’s actions impact the advancement of cryptocurrency regulation in the US?

What defines a security in the context of cryptocurrencies, and how does it affect the disclosure of information?

Are these legal actions leading to companies leaving the US and seeking opportunities in Europe?

If you wish to know the answers, this video is just for you. Discover the reasons behind the surge of Bitcoin as well as expert opinions on the current state of Bitcoin and its potential future trends.

Attention: Past performance does not guarantee future performance.‍

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