Melanion Capital is supporting the thousands of Ukrainian families forced to leave their country

More than 1,5 million people have already left Ukraine and according to UN estimates, 4 to 5 million people could leave the country to take refuge in Poland, mainly.

This is more than we have seen since 1945 and it is 2x the current total number of refugees sheltered by the EU (2.7M). A total of 12M Ukrainians (more than 1/4 of the population) are expected to require humanitarian aid.

The Melanion Foundation joined the “Solidarity with Ukrainians” initiative launched by the Fondation de France to help as much as possible the thousands of people forced to flee their country and find refuge far from home.

Melanion Capital will also join this call by donating 100% of the revenues of 2022 on its Bitcoin thematic ETF.

“Being of Lebanese origin and having been myself forced to leave my country during the war, I feel very empathic with the Ukrainian people and responsible to support this community. We hope that this initiative will provide crucial support at this time for the Ukrainian people. This is another way for us and our investors to engage in responsible investing that will make a difference in the world” commented Jad Comair, President of Melanion Capital

About the Melanion Foundation

The Melanion Foundation is a non-profit association, sheltered under the Fondation de France and created to offer scholarships to talents from modest backgrounds. Melanion fondation also joined the “Solidarité Liban” initiative lead by Fondation de france to collect funds to support Lebanese relief and reconstruction efforts.

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