Melanion Capital applauds the call of regulators to add crypto assets to their framework


Melanion Capital applauds the call of Robert Ophele, President of the French Market Authority to add crypto assets to their regulatory framework.
This decision is a step inline with Melanion Capital’s vision that the future of crypto is in a regulated environment.
The announcement by Mr Ophele will not only definitely push even forward the recognition of France as the leading country in the crypto space, but will also bring very early on putting a regulatory framework for the ecosystem.

At Melanion, we have a mission to be between the crypto world and the institutional regulated world by offering investment solutions compliant with the regulatory constraints, like we did by launching the world’s first Bitcoin thematic UCITS ETF.

“These remarks comfort our conviction that crypto is the future, but under a strong regulatory framework” Jad Comair, CEO and founder of Melanion Capital.

We are also glad to launch the “Be Satoshi” campaign, to talk more about how Bitcoin empowers people to build a fairer, and greener world.
We invite everyone to read our Bitcoin Transition report, explaining why Bitcoin is one of the most sustainable investments.


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