BFM Crypto, the Club: Race for the Spot Bitcoin ETF in the USA

In yesterday’s interview on BFM Crypto by BFM Business, Cyril Sabbagh, Managing Director at Melanion Capital, alongside Valentin Deme, CEO of Cube3 and Director of Content at Cryptoast, and Amaury de Tonquédec, Journalist & Producer at BFM Bourse & BFM Crypto, had the opportunity to discuss in detail the pro-bitcoin stance adopted by three candidates engaged in the Republican primary in the United States. Among them, Ron DeSantis and Ramaswami stand out as major contenders among the top three favorites, and they clearly expressed their support for cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

What is remarkable is their unequivocal criticism of the concept of a digital central bank, arguing that it goes against the fundamental principles of decentralization that underlie cryptocurrencies. This bold stance in favor of cryptocurrency adoption could have significant consequences if one of these candidates wins the election, hinting at a potential paradigm shift in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Cyril hypothesizes that their position stems from a deep conviction rather than personal interests. These candidates recognize the growing importance of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, and advocate for clear and regulated regulations. This perspective sets them apart from Democratic candidates who are generally more skeptical of these emerging technologies. This difference in approach highlights the potential impact of the 2024 elections on the future direction of the cryptocurrency industry, with significant implications depending on whether the winner is a Republican or Democrat.

The interview also discussed the potential impact of a Bitcoin Spot ETF in the United States. Such an ETF would simplify access to Bitcoin for a larger number of investors, thereby boosting its adoption. Moreover, it could generate significant market approval upon launch. A Bitcoin Spot ETF could potentially create new opportunities for both institutional and individual investors to enter the cryptocurrency market in a more accessible and regulated manner. This evolution could have substantial repercussions on the dynamics of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets as a whole.

In conclusion, the sustained interest of Republican candidates in cryptocurrencies, coupled with their firm opposition to digital central banks, along with the possibility of a Bitcoin Spot ETF in the US, signifies significant developments in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. The outcome of the 2024 elections could lay the groundwork for a new era in cryptocurrency adoption and regulation, with far-reaching implications for global financial and technological markets.

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