BFM Crypto, le Club: The world’s first Bitcoin thematic UCITS ETF – 08/06

During this interview, Cyril Sabbagh, designer of our Bitcoin thematic ETF, discussed the following topics:

1-    The world’s first Bitcoin thematic UCITS ETF

2-    The components of this ETF

3-    Volatility of this Bitcoin ETF

4-    Placing our ETF in a PER

5-    Reason of the last visit to Italy

At the beginning, he mentioned that our Bitcoin ETF invests inequities from the crypto ecosystem, and that there is no crypto or Bitcoin, in other words, there is no risk of hacks or theft, or counterparty risk. He added that it consists of 30 companies that are the most sensitive to Bitcoin and the portfolio is rebalanced every 3 months.

Afterwards, he chose 2 companies in our Bitcoin ETF to talk about: Big Digital and Overstock. The first is a Canadian crypto and Blockchain services company that focuses on risk and compliance. The second is an American company that offered to customers the possibility of paying or being reimbursed in Bitcoin.

Cyril explained that in our ETF, volatility is present because we have stocks that are in the crypto ecosystem, which is a volatile ecosystem.

In addition to that, he talked about the fact that this Bitcoin ETF is the only possibility of exposure to the Bitcoin thematic in a ‘Plan d’Epargne Retraite’ PER.

At the end, Cyril revealed the reason behind the last visit to Italy: We organized a Bell Ceremony at Borsa Italiana where we listed our Bitcoin ETF to be the perfect alternative to a direct Bitcoin Tracker for Italian investors.

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